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An investment fund dedicated to the development of innovations, technology and urban solutions between China, US, Mexico, and Israel.



Ideasia Fund is the first value network constituted as an investment fund for urban infrastructure projects, technological development projects, and creative industries between Mexico, United States, China, and Israel.

Its objective is to structure innovative projects the allow improvement of the urban reality, create public value and economic and social profitability for governments, investors and citizens, through innovative investment strategies of collective investment and strategies for investment return.


Experience, risk prevention, effectiveness, due diligence capacity, and above all innovation.



Transform science into industry, urban projects into quality of life for people, financial expectations into trusty investment returns with legal and social certainty for governments the seek to obtain resources and create innovative methods for strategic associations amongst all social actors.

To be a social transformation agent, improving the quality of life in cities and creating public and private value in each strategy of our actions.



The integration and creation of a regional value network of powerful human and financial capital, so that with experiences from each geographical region, we promote important social transformations, creation of value entrepreneurships, replicability and scalability, and thus become an agent of transformation and value.

To be capable of great forming science and technology projects into profitable enterprises, forming a value alliance with governments seeking to attract value and create public wealth, with transparency, civic culture and honesty.


Get to know about our investment specialty areas.

Public Infrastructure

Mobility, underutilized spaces, energy and logistics.

Innovation & Technology

Smart cities, Big Data, internet of things and urban value social networks.

Health & Prevention

Biotechnology, genomic medicine and pilot projects in specialized foods.

Data Mining

Public intelligence.

Strategic Natural Resources

Creation, processing and management of water and renewable energies

Self-employment, Training and Education for Value Creation

Creative infrastructure and civic projects.


Get to know about our Public Policies creation services.

We design, with innovation and international experience, strategies to create economic and social development, public value as well as innovative means to capture investments and create governance within the development of public projects.

Financially, we structure new methods to capture resources through strategic alliances with the private sector, academy and citizens.

We work to create disruptive projects so technology, clean energies, water management and innovation favor urban development towards the integral smart city concept, capable of transforming data into information that creates public intelligence.

In our legal and administrative areas, we have the experience and capacity to design and implement legal, administrative, patrimonial and fiscal strategies and actions between Mexico, China, United States and Israel.

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