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Process Management - IDEASIA

Oct, 20

Consultancy in internal control and process optimization matters:

In order to strengthen a culture of self-control and self-evaluation, it is important that today the Institutions adopt or develop a prevention mechanism that seeks to achieve the following elements:

  • Standardization and improvement of government processes, services, and procedures, in order to provide quality goods and services to citizens.
  • Improve or strengthen internal control at all levels of the organization and in critical processes.

This will generate an administration that is oriented to the principles of accountability and transparency, which currently requires governments to conduct efficient work processes, activities and products open to the public and maintain open communication with the media. and stakeholders in the public domain.

Reason why accountability to citizens should not be limited exclusively to the publication of information on the Government’s actions, but should create mechanisms to deal with any type of audit or evaluation, to obtain certainty that operations and information is congruent, reasonable and in accordance with the corresponding regulations.

It is for this reason and in the face of the adversities suffered by both public and private organizations, derived from fraud, acts of administrative corruption, conflicts of interest and negligence, as well as by bad practices of professionals and executives and the loss of independence in the Institutional relationship. , auditor and consultant who have materialized in losses and important costs for it; It is imperative to establish strategies and actions that allow the administration or mitigation of those through the implementation or strengthening of adequate internal controls that permeate all levels and main operations of the organization.

In this context the following proposal of professional services is made to be carried out in practice and for the benefit of your organization, which will be developed under a methodology and by professionals who have ventured into tasks of Public Administration and in matters of prevention and control internal:


Make a general diagnosis about the current situation that prevails in the organization, identifying the main risks and their factors, evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls and their link with potential processes.


Identification of risks and internal controls, as well as defining the processes with the greatest impact and generating proposals for areas of opportunity and improvement, for which the following Action Areas are proposed:

  • Budget Resources.
  • Financial Resources.
  • Human Resourcces.
  • Material Resources and Services.
  • Technological Resources.
  • Public Works.

The foregoing, regardless of being able to define that or those processes, controls and risks that are of their greatest interest or that require immediate attention due to their problems.

It should be noted that the proposed work will consist of a general diagnosis, being able to carry out specific and more in-depth actions on each of the aforementioned processes, which would represent different costs for each particular case, since it would incorporate the specialist in each subject.

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