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Integral Management - IDEASIA

Sep, 25

Integral Management and Assesment:

Our objective is to supply quality services in diverse subject matters, to guarantee continual improvement and effectiveness in meeting the goals and objectives of different public or private entities, also providing advice and consulting on specific cases and matters.






  • Budgetary and financial.
  • Acquisitions, leases and services.
  • Public Work and services related to it.
  • Internal control and improvement of public management.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Agreements, contracts and other legal instruments.
  • Advice and consultancy in administrative, criminal, civil, commercial and labor law.





  • Financial.
  • Prosecutors.
  • Accountants.
  • Litigation (labor, civil, commercial and criminal).
  • Administrative aspects that strengthen and generate business development.



The provision of our services, as required in each branch, is supported by a group of professionals whose experience, training and experience guarantee Public or Private Institutions an integral service in the aforementioned areas.

Likewise, those companies that participate in procurement processes or public works within Government Institutions, can be provided with consultancy in all the administrative stages of the same.

It is important to highlight that legal advice and defense can also be provided for public servants of all levels of government, who are involved in some disciplinary procedure of administrative and even criminal responsibilities, as well as companies or individuals who are sanctioned by the authorities in the matter for breach of orders or contracts.






  • Increase fiscal, accounting and administrative security.
  • The productivity and profit margins of our clients’ businesses.
  • Search for solutions for the systematization and automation of processes.
  • To give sustained solutions to Public Institutions, which motivate the improvement of the management and resolution of problems within the administrative sphere.
  • Give legal certainty to your operation or in your case provide the legal defense that is required. 



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