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  • (52) 55-5280-1495

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Agendasia - IDEASIA

May, 14

Agendasia is the first independent think tank, not lucrative, that promotes reflection on strategic issues between Mexico and Asia, that generate guidelines that later the government, productive, political, cultural, commercial, educational sectors between Mexico, China and Asia can use voluntarily to act in their own fields.

Agendasia will cover various issues of power, and the strategic opinion of four sectors on all issues will be known, with the aim of creating a strategic agenda that positively impacts mutual knowledge, prosperity, commercial equity and competitiveness and achieve greater national development.

To be the platform that gathers, generates and harmonizes lines of action and strategic thinking for decision making.

Generate lines of action and public policies that generate a strategic agenda of short and long term, between Mexico and China through a strategic dialogue.

Impact positively on mutual knowledge, prosperity, commercial equity and competitiveness.



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